FAQs about Hymen and Virginity

Hymen and virginity are hot topics for many young girls including teen escorts. But, due to the misconceptions that surround the subject, many people have not gotten the right answers to their questions. To clearly understand these topics and debunk the myths about them, here are some of the frequently asked questions about hymen and virginity and their answers.

What is Virginity?

Virginity is the state of not having engaged in sex before. In this context, sex refers to all forms of intercourse including vaginal and anal penetration as well as oral sex. If a person has engaged in any of these acts, they can never say that they are virgin.

What is Hymen?

Hymen is the name given to a fleshy and thin tissue that is positioned at the opening of the vagina. While the size of the hymen varies from one woman to another, it rarely covers the entire vaginal opening.

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